Dixie Botanicals Kicks CBD Energy Chews


Content highlights:
5 mg CBD per chew
100 mg of caffeine per chew
30 Kicks energy chews per container
Provides a natural, sustained boost of energy
Contains no THC
Quantity: 5 Pack.


The perfect CBD energy boost for any time of day. Dixie Botanicals Kicks replace your favorite sugary coffee or high calorie energy drink with an all-natural CBD energy chew. Their award-winning, world-class CBD hemp oil is extracted with a supercritical, eco-friendly CO2 extraction method. Tested numerous times by one of the most respected cannabis testing laboratories in existence, this viscous, all-natural hemp oil is then decarboxylated to maximize available CBD before being put through a purification process that results in an incredibly pure CBD isolate for a THC-free source of daily CBD. Each bite-sized Chocolate flavored Kick contains 5 mg of CBD, 100 mg of caffeine, and B vitamins. Tackle your day with a Kick of energy!


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